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Based in WIsconsin, wandering worldwide

This is how you flip tradition...
or just flip it off!

There are no rules saying what a wedding must have.

As long as you’ve got each other, you’ve got everything you need for an honest, romantic, meaningful, and authentic wedding.

When you choose a destination elopement, you toss the unnecessary checklists and the packed schedule. You say so long to the could-be-anywhere banquet halls and the who-are-you-again? guests. 

You gain time and space to celebrate the moments as they come, to linger where you want and pivot when it’s needed.

No judgment … 
 You’re free to roam
No stress …
 You’re free to express yourself and do as you please
No pressure …
 You’re free to make this day your own

What does eloping mean to you?
Sharing your vows before a snow-capped peak 
Committing to your life together awash in a golden sunset 
Sealing it with a kiss under a crown of autumn leaves
Can you picture it? 
Yeah, I know you can. Because you’re here and you’re rad and you know in your heart that a destination elopement is the best choice for your wedding day.

Yup, it’s a riff on my last name. (If I haven’t yet introduced myself, hey, I’m Emily Dimond, she/her, and I am so fucking stoked to help you elope). But it’s more than just my name. The process of making a diamond—the pressure and heat—that’s a really good metaphor for creating strong relationships, don’t you think? Some of the prettiest stones and most steadfast partners come through the roughest fires. 

To guide couples of all colors, backgrounds, genders and identities to a wedding day that makes their hearts beat just a little bit faster.

As a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community, I love celebrating and documenting the destination elopements of queer couples and cool allies. The chance to tell everyone’s honest, authentic love story? It is so, so good.

I know this:
Love breaks through every social, economic and heteronormative boundary. It is, above all, a force for good. And the chance to capture the wonder and triumph of your love story is one of the things that gets me up every morning (especially for those sunrise hikes at 4am).

This is your love story...
I'd love to help you tell it.

I'm on a mission

The story behind Diamond Elopements

"Ryan and I had the wonderful honor of getting to work with Emily. This was my first ever photoshoot and I had an unforgettable time. Emily was in constant contact with Ryan making sure everything was set up. The day of the photoshoot was absolutely magical. I had the time of my life!!! Emily did such a beautiful job and when she was taking pictures, it almost felt like she was not there. It felt so natural. Emily captured the most magical pictures. She captured every moment and every expression. I would recommend Diamond Elopements to anyone who is looking to take engagement or wedding pictures. Emily is kind hearted, so full of life and enthusiastic and such a pleasure to work with!! Thank you for taking the most memorable pictures of my life!!"

- Megan

"Emily was so fun to work with! She created an environment where we felt comfortable and could be ourselves. She is highly skilled and knows how to create beautiful images. You'll be in good hands with this creative professional!"

- Amy

"Emily is such an amazing photographer, but more importantly she makes you feel really comfortable and confident in any circumstance or environment. If you want not only great pictures but also artistic and thoughtful record of incredible moments of your life, that's the person that can do that for you."

- Lucas

"Emily is a sensational photographer. It's clear that she knows her craft thoroughly, which is evident in the way her photos turn out. But many people can take nice pictures without having the intangibles of a great photographer. Emily has a sixth sense for what environment will match our aesthetic. She has a great attention to detail when editing photos. Most importantly, she is capable of making people feel totally comfortable in front of a camera (take it from me, this is no small feat), which makes the photos look authentic and natural.
I would recommend Emily to anyone who wishes to capture their most important events forever."

- Rufus

"Have you ever felt like a goddess? Or like you were living the most beautiful story in the world? You will with Emily.
She's there for the experience. She knows what being in love is like and what feeling incredible looks like. She sets up your experience, then melts into the background and empowers you to focus on yourselves. She gives you permission to be on top of the world."

- Miriam

I believe that...



Enjoy this highlight reel of my favorite destination elopements and micro weddings to date.



Your best adventure awaits...

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"Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air."

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Pricing & FAQ



Your best adventure awaits...