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It was a cool day in Georgia, but the sun was shining and warm. Dylan and Marissa said their vows in Providence Canyon, or Georgia’s Little Grand Canyon. This place looks like it’s straight out of the Southwest, but no, it’s just near the border of Georgia and Alabama. Crazy cool place! They were so […]

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Georgia Canyon Elopement

I think that Oregon is probably the most beautiful state that I’ve ever been to. (Yes, I’ve been to Alaska, but no, I haven’t been to Hawaii yet.) The coastline is stunning from the top of the state to the bottom. Today’s elopement took place towards the southern end of the Oregon coast. The Rocky […]

Destination elopements, Oregon elopements

Oregon Coast Elopement

This elopement was so incredibly beautiful. We were in southern Utah, an incredibly beautiful part of the country, so it wasn’t shocking that the elopement was gorgeous, but oh my goodness. Montana, a ballet dancer, showed up in this absolutely glorious white dress with a bottom that made my photographer’s dreams come true. And she […]

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Southern Utah Destination Elopement

A couple in wedding attire stands atop a large rock formation as they elope in utah.

Maddie Mae, over at Adventure Instead, did research with more than 200 couples about why they eloped. Her blog post is the most exhaustive post I’ve found about why people have chosen to elope and why eloping might be right for you. Maddie says: “What’s different about this post is it’s based on real data from […]

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The Top 10 Reasons to Elope

Backlit by the setting sun, an engaged couple walks along Cannon Beach during their Oregon Coast engagement session

What a glorious day we had for this Wisconsin clifftop vow renewal. The view was amazing with the leaves below changing colors for fall, and the river overlook made the perfect backdrop for their ceremony. These two have been married for five years and held their vow renewal on the five year anniversary of the […]


Wisconsin Clifftop Vow Renewal

A groom dips his bride during this Wisconsin adventure elopement atop a cliff in south central Wisconsin

So you’ve decided to elope… Congratulations! I bet you’re wondering where in Wisconsin to do it and exactly how. I’m here to help with that! I’ll give you all the deets on legally eloping in WI and the best places to do it. Let’s dive in! How to Elope in Wisconsin One of the coolest […]

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Wisconsin Elopement Guide

The groom dips the bride as the waves roll in along the beach in this Wisconsin elopement

So you’re ready to elope?! Happy day!!! While planning an elopement is nothing compared to planning a huge traditional wedding, there are still some logistics you’ll want to figure out before the big day arrives. Luckily, I’m not just a photographer, I’m an elopement guide and officiant, as well, so you’ll have all the help […]

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Your Elopement Checklist

A couple poses a top a cliff with fall colors surrounding them, her in a gold wedding gown, overlooking a flowing river in Wisconsin

Emily DimondI’m a hopeless romantic – I believe in soulmates, and I’m here to help you marry yours in the great outdoors. Combining my passion for epic landscapes, love stories, and equality for every human being, I’m on a mission to guide couples of all colors and backgrounds to the best wedding day of their […]

Destination elopements, Elopement planning, New Mexico elopements, Oregon elopements, Small weddings, Washington elopements

What Is an Elopement?

An eloping couple stands a top a huge rock as they pose for their wedding portraits in southern Utah

This Oregon engagement session on Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast was absolutely gorgeous. This couple’s engagement pictures turned out beautifully thanks to the epic landscape that is Haystack Rock, the Pacific Ocean, and an amazing sunset. It didn’t hurt that they were completely in love with each other either! (They even brought their dogs […]

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Cannon Beach, Oregon Coast Engagement

Kissing in front of Haystack Rock on Cannon Beach during the engagement session on the Oregon Coast

Lynn and Sarah are hilarious. Like seriously hilarious. They had me, and each other, in stitches throughout their entire session. I had so much fun and I’m pretty sure that they did, as well. Lynn’s sister, Idella, contacted me about gifting her sister, Lynn, an engagement session. We decided to drive a few hours north […]


Wisconsin Laughter Filled Engagement Session

A couple lovingly embraces on a rock outcropping in the middle of a river, as they pose for their engagement pictures.




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